Welcome to Bellevue UMC


On behalf of the entire congregation, we want to welcome you!

You will be able to discover a lot about us by exploring this website. It has information about our faith community, ministries, and you can listen to sermons/homilies that have been preached during the past month.

Our church Facebook page is set so that anyone can see and read it to help folks see pictures from some of our activities. If you are a Facebook member, do take a look. (Please note that we use best practices for internet safety, so you can read and see but are unable to post any comments.) Bellevue Facebook page

We have Visitor Packets at each entrance to the Sanctuary for you to pick up when you visit us. The church staff is always around on Sundays and willing to give you a tour or answer questions as well. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions about any of our ministries. We encourage you to stop by the church or to call us if you need to talk, to ask questions, or simply wish to come and sit in a quiet place to pray. We look forward to getting to know you better and hope that you will help us in this task.

May you experience God’s grace while you are a part of the ministry here  at Bellevue UMC.

BUMC by Tom Uchieda

Directions to the Church

Directions to Bellevue UMC

Find your way around our Church Building! 

BUMC MAP – Room numbers included

The Mission and Values Statement of Bellevue United Methodist Church:

We are a church dedicated to loving Christ and building a strong community of faith with our neighbors in Bellevue and beyond. We shall realize this vision by individually and collectively

  • seeking to be disciples of Christ,
  • being visible in the community through our faith and service, and using every person’s strengths and gift

Sunday morning Schedule and Worship times 

9:00am – Chapel Communion Service.

  •  9:15am – Sunday School–for all ages! Nursery care provided.

10:30am – Main Worship service. Celebrating communion on the first Sunday of the month  Nursery care provided.


Worship at Bellevue UMC represents a “blended” worship experience. That means that the people gathered to worship God will sing together, pray together, and hear God’s Word proclaimed through readings from the Bible and a time of teaching or sharing.

As you enter the front doors there will be people there to greet you, answer any questions, help you find restrooms or the nursery, and help you find your way into the worship space. An usher will give you a “bulletin” as you enter the worship space and will help you find Children’s Worship bags or an Assisted Listening device. Know that you are feel free to sit where you feel most comfortable. We encourage you to complete the Registration Sheet found in the bulletin, which allows us the opportunity to contact you later should you so desire. It also lets us know how you’d like to be involved in ministry with us.

Children are very welcome at Bellevue UMC. Please ask an usher or greeter to help you find the nursery for your children for infants up to four-year-olds. There are also Worship Bags for children who remain with you during the service. There is a room we call the “The Lambs Room” with a restroom, changing table, and a toddler play area for families whose younger children need a place to freely move and make fun kid noises! Ask for the Listening device bag at the sound booth if you would like to hear the service. You can choose to use the ear bud so your child can calm down or use the small speaker so your child can enjoy listening to the service too. This enables parents to see and hear the service and keep an eye on their children. The Lambs Room is located in the Narthex area of the church. That is also the closest restroom to the Sanctuary in case your children need to visit a restroom during the service.

Our order of worship includes beginning with some announcements about happenings in the church followed by the “passing of the peace,” a time when worship participants greet one another.

The service continues with instrumental music, which offers you a time to center your heart on God. Following the prelude, one of the worship leaders may lead the congregation in a prayer or a responsive “Call to Worship,” which asks God to be present in the service. These acts are followed by a congregational song (a hymn), often focused on praising God. The service then usually moves from praising God and asking God to be present with us into the time of proclamation. This is done through a Bible reading, a special “children’s time” (where the children are invited to come to the front), music and other worship arts, and a sermon, usually offered by one of the pastors.

The sermons vary in form and focus, but the goal generally is to help the scriptures come alive for folks, thinking about how they apply to our daily lives.They are recorded and are uploaded to the website each week. Most often our sermons are based on one of the scripture lessons found in the Lectionary. Scripture Lessons from the RCL-UMC Lectionary

Following the sermon, the service moves toward our responses to God and our thanksgivings. One way we respond is through the sharing of joys and concerns on our Prayer Concern cards and having a special time of prayer for specific needs and blessings. We also respond through sharing what God has given us back to the ministries of the church through an offering. Don’t feel any pressure to give unless God is leading you to do so. Following the offering, the congregation stands and sings a “doxology” and our response continues as the pastors invite folks to consider how God’s Word has affected them. The congregation often sings a closing hymn, the pastor offers a word of blessing for the week, and the service is over.

Music during the service is lead by our music leader and a choir of church members. If you like to sing and want to participate in worship, please let us know as visitors are always encouraged to join the music ministry.

After the service, we hope you will feel comfortable to stick around a bit and get to know people. Gathering to worship is about God, but it’s also about community and friendship, so we hope you will experience warmth and friendliness at Bellevue UMC.

It’s our tradition to celebrate the sacrament of communion in the 10:30am service on the first Sunday of the month. While defining the word “sacrament” would take too long here, you should know that communion is the time when we gather as a church to remember Jesus’ death and resurrection by eating bread and drinking wine (actually, grape juice, which is another story entirely.) After a prayer of Thanksgiving and the reciting of the Lord’s Prayer, you will be invited by our ushers to come forward and take part in the meal. The United Methodist Church believes in “open communion,” which means that all are invited to participate regardless of whether you are a member or not. We believe that God will be present with you in the meal even if you don’t fully understand the significance of the act. Because communion is so important to our faith community, a short communion service is offered on Sundays in the Chapel at 9:00am.


That’s about it. We truly work toward making our services a place where God is present. We hope you will join us in seeking after God in worship.